Agenda Template

Our basic agenda template (subject to change as needed)

Monthly, 3rd Thursdays
6pm – 7:30pm at Ike Box until further notice. ClockWorks cafe is a backup if Ike Box is unavailable.

  1. Chair (or other officer) convenes meeting (5 minutes)
    1. State mission of the group
    2. Review officer roles
      1. Chair — reserves meeting venues and makes other logistical arrangements, puts together draft agendas (based on template and group input), facilitates meetings, ensures completion of other group responsibilities
      2. Secretary — manages group records (membership list); takes meeting minutes and posts to mailing list and website
      3. Treasurer — manages group assets ($$membership$$ and websites), including financial records; receipt and disbursement of group funds
    3. Take attendance and confirm quorum
    4. Review and approve last meeting’s minutes
    5. Review and approve current meeting’s agenda
    6. Membership process (if non-members present)
  2. Introductions (if new people present)
  3. Upcoming events related to SOS or FOSS more generally
  4. Prior business
    1. Continued discussion OR decision on previous meeting business
    2. Tabled items
  5. New business:  presentation and proposals or discussions
  6. Next steps (always last 5-10 minutes of meeting):
    1. next meeting
    2. task assignments

Minutes:  Items are labeled as PRESENTATION (information), PROPOSAL (for discussion and vote), DISCUSSION, DECISION, TABLED  (with reason why) or DROPPED (with reason why).

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072512 agenda – first meeting!


  • discuss reviving the Salem Linux Users Group (LUG) with a service-oriented focus
  • discuss GSTEP (Greater Salem Technology Equity Project)
  • brainstorm ways that they can assist and energize each-other
  • brainstorm the next steps we should take to move each project forward

Main Questions

  1. Do we want to found the Salem LUG with a service-oriented mission?
  2. What should the focus be (e.g, “Open Source UG” vs “Linux UG”)?

1. Introductions and icebreakers
2. Presentation / Discussion: reviving Salem LUG
service-oriented focus, “ubuntu” philosophy
group purpose and sustainability
example UG missions: (Salem Mac Users Group)  (Portland PC Users Group)

    3. Presentation / Discussion: Greater Salem Technology Equity Project
what GSTEP does, how it does it

Logic Model


        two different possibilities:
NextStep Recycling expanding to Salem
Independent — from scratch
either way…
4. Brainstorm: how the LUG and GSTEP can help each-other
LUG needs / resources
GSTEP needs / resources
5. Brainstorm:  Next steps
priority tasks
2nd mtg day / time

recruit one other person excited about this effort, to attend next meeting

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