Raspberry Pi — Exploring the Possibilities

the ethernet capable raspberry pi is $35 and has an estimated order time of 5-12 weeks:

Here are two media center operating systems available for it:

Basically, this is a very lightweight, low-energy, upgradable (future-proof) and low-cost Home Theatre PC (HTPC).  It only does not do DVD (MPEG-2) playback.  Could also be a good project for us on several levels.  Here are some ideas:

  • fundraiser — we can easily assemble several of these and offer them for sale locally
  • public demonstration for Open Source Hardware and Software (also, see “fundraiser” above 🙂
  • incentive — we can raffle one or two off to people who help us raise funds or do other work for us (like get us to a facebook page “like” goal)
  • community workshop: “build your own HTPC”

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