092012 Notes



Just Bill and Ethan



Membership updates

  • Bill paid his $10 membership fee
  • Ethan is creating a sub-account and tracking via group records document
  • the money will not be spent until SOS has a full officer compliment and quorum

GSTEP update


  • Customized LiveMedia distribution for survivors of domestic violence/stalking to facilitate access to computing and internet resources with greater privacy and security
  • OCADSV is an official sponsor of the project.
  • WU will likely be a partner.
  • Waiting for feedback from OCADSV about next steps.

Silverton Senior Center

GSTEP is helping Silverton Senior Center provide an Open Source Computer Lab running Lubuntu on Pentium 4 equipment.  Their computer literacy educator is already familiar with Libre Office, and appreciates the familiarity of the Lubuntu interface as a Windows user.  Mid-October is when the donated hardware should become available.

OMNIU / Community Union

Ethan is helping One Million New Internet Users, a project of Community Union in LA, transition to Free, Open-Source Software.

More info

check out website: techequity.wordpress.com
or facebook: facebook.com/techequity

Recruitment Discussion

where are our best bets for recruitment?

  • computer stores
  • local colleges
    • chemeketa community college
    • willamette university
    • bookstores
    • IT / computer science departments
  • presentations at local schools [after membership]
  • local radio stations: kmuz, kbzy
    • Bill will draft a 30 second PSA based on our about page

half-sheet flyer idea

  • page 1: logo, about us
  • page 2: contact info, meeting / membership information
  • ethan will send bill information for each page
  • Bill will do a layout in Scribus

business card idea

  • list of popular open source software that people would be familiar with on back
  • linux, android, firefox, gimp, libreoffice / openoffice

Bill will contact Pat for help w/Logo

  • combine binary (ones and zeros) and the concept of freedom
  • ethan will facilitate the contact

SOS needs someone to throw together a facebook page

Others Ideas

  • auction off donated computers running FOSS
  • “open source hardware” focus every other meeting
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