081612 notes

Hi folks,

Don and I met today, and this website is the results of our conversation.   Since we didn’t have a full group, much of our agenda will carry over to next meeting.  Here’s where we’re at:

  1. John (Razor) resigned from the chair position yesterday, so that’s now vacant and needs to be filled
  2. Software Freedom Day is coming up:  Sept. 15!  I propose that we set up a card table with a couple of laptops running a couple different GNU/Linux distros somewhere in downtown Salem.  The organization will give us free handouts if we register with them.  Thoughts?
  3. Instead of going with a self-hosted WordPress.org site at salemos.org, Don and I thought it would be more prudent to use a free WordPress.com blog to start until we reach critical mass.
  4. We need to recruit — can anyone create a flyer for us that we can post around town?  Where should we post them?
  5. Can someone create a Facebook page?  Or if we want to practice what we preach, a Diaspora* page? 😛


Ethan Young, Secretary

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