081612 agenda

Monthly, 3rd Thursdays
6pm – 7:30pm at Ike Box until further notice. ClockWorks cafe is a backup if Ike Box is unavailable.

  1. Chair (or other officer) convenes meeting
    1. State mission of the group
    2. Review officer roles
      1. Chair reserves meeting venues and makes other logistical arrangements, puts together draft agendas (based on template and group input), facilitates meetings, ensures completion of other group responsibilities
      2. Secretary manages group records (membership list); takes meeting minutes and posts to mailing list and website
      3. Treasurer manages group assets ($$membership$$ and websites), including financial records; receipt and disbursement of group funds
    3. Take attendance and confirm quorum
    4. Review and approve last meeting’s minutes
  2. Membership process (if non-members present)
  3. Introductions (if new people present)
  4. Upcoming events related to SOS or FOSS more generally
    1. Software Freedom Day(John R)
      1. 3rd Saturday of September
      2. opportunity to promote FOSS
  5. Prior business
    1. UPDATE:  outstanding tasks from John R and Ethan’s mtg
      1. Install wordpress.org on website OR skip hosting and use wordpress
      2. setup site structure (pending proposal)
      3. setup Officers as content and apps managers:  Ethan, John, Don
      4. Populate website w/calendar, past agendas/notes, group info, contact
      5. script automatic website backup
    2. Tabled items
      1. DISCUSSION: “activities to support and promote FOSS
      2. Logo discussion (check out Software Freedom Day’s logo)
      3. PO Box for group: $10-15/mo
      4. (IF TIME) PRESENTATION (Ethan): LiveSafe project — A custom Gnu/Linux LiveOS for that helps DV Survivors safely use computer and internet resources
  6. New business:  presentation and proposals or discussions
    1. Draft Agenda Template (John R; Ethan)
    2. Announcement: Mailing list is live discussion@salemos.org
    3. Proposal: Website structure
    4. Proposal: Records spreadsheet template
    5. Proposal: (Ethan) collect membership dues after we have
      1. membership and financial records spreadsheet editable by officers; viewable by all
      2. a good estimate of our annual/monthly cost basis:  domain, hosting, PO Box, others?
  7. Next steps:
    1. next meeting
    2. task assignments

Minutes:  Items are labeled as PRESENTATION (information), PROPOSAL (for discussion and vote), DISCUSSION, DECISION, TABLED  (with reason why) or DROPPED (with reason why).

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