072512 agenda – first meeting!


  • discuss reviving the Salem Linux Users Group (LUG) with a service-oriented focus
  • discuss GSTEP (Greater Salem Technology Equity Project)
  • brainstorm ways that they can assist and energize each-other
  • brainstorm the next steps we should take to move each project forward

Main Questions

  1. Do we want to found the Salem LUG with a service-oriented mission?
  2. What should the focus be (e.g, “Open Source UG” vs “Linux UG”)?

1. Introductions and icebreakers
2. Presentation / Discussion: reviving Salem LUG
service-oriented focus, “ubuntu” philosophy
group purpose and sustainability
example UG missions:

http://www.realsmug.org/ (Salem Mac Users Group)

http://www.ppcug.org/  (Portland PC Users Group)

    3. Presentation / Discussion: Greater Salem Technology Equity Project
what GSTEP does, how it does it

Logic Model


        two different possibilities:
NextStep Recycling expanding to Salem
Independent — from scratch
either way…
4. Brainstorm: how the LUG and GSTEP can help each-other
LUG needs / resources
GSTEP needs / resources
5. Brainstorm:  Next steps
priority tasks
2nd mtg day / time

recruit one other person excited about this effort, to attend next meeting

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