…and yet again…

I don’t have the time or energy to commit to pulling this group together any further than I already have.  We have an email and mailing list, a website/blog and a regular meeting time, a start for group structure and meeting process.  From here, it’s plug and play.

In other words, all we need is PEOPLE, which means the next focus for the group is recruitment.  I’m sure there are enough people in the Salem area interested in free, open-source software to sustain the group, but I don’t have the time or energy to find and recruit them.

So we have everything ready until people start showing interest, or someone else is willing to take the reigns for a bit and focus on outreach, advertising, networking and recruitment.

Please contact us if you are interested in helping get the word out!

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Raspberry Pi — Exploring the Possibilities

the ethernet capable raspberry pi is $35 and has an estimated order time of 5-12 weeks:

Here are two media center operating systems available for it:

Basically, this is a very lightweight, low-energy, upgradable (future-proof) and low-cost Home Theatre PC (HTPC).  It only does not do DVD (MPEG-2) playback.  Could also be a good project for us on several levels.  Here are some ideas:

  • fundraiser — we can easily assemble several of these and offer them for sale locally
  • public demonstration for Open Source Hardware and Software (also, see “fundraiser” above 🙂
  • incentive — we can raffle one or two off to people who help us raise funds or do other work for us (like get us to a facebook page “like” goal)
  • community workshop: “build your own HTPC”
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092012 Notes



Just Bill and Ethan



Membership updates

  • Bill paid his $10 membership fee
  • Ethan is creating a sub-account and tracking via group records document
  • the money will not be spent until SOS has a full officer compliment and quorum

GSTEP update


  • Customized LiveMedia distribution for survivors of domestic violence/stalking to facilitate access to computing and internet resources with greater privacy and security
  • OCADSV is an official sponsor of the project.
  • WU will likely be a partner.
  • Waiting for feedback from OCADSV about next steps.

Silverton Senior Center

GSTEP is helping Silverton Senior Center provide an Open Source Computer Lab running Lubuntu on Pentium 4 equipment.  Their computer literacy educator is already familiar with Libre Office, and appreciates the familiarity of the Lubuntu interface as a Windows user.  Mid-October is when the donated hardware should become available.

OMNIU / Community Union

Ethan is helping One Million New Internet Users, a project of Community Union in LA, transition to Free, Open-Source Software.

More info

check out website: techequity.wordpress.com
or facebook: facebook.com/techequity

Recruitment Discussion

where are our best bets for recruitment?

  • computer stores
  • local colleges
    • chemeketa community college
    • willamette university
    • bookstores
    • IT / computer science departments
  • presentations at local schools [after membership]
  • local radio stations: kmuz, kbzy
    • Bill will draft a 30 second PSA based on our about page

half-sheet flyer idea

  • page 1: logo, about us
  • page 2: contact info, meeting / membership information
  • ethan will send bill information for each page
  • Bill will do a layout in Scribus

business card idea

  • list of popular open source software that people would be familiar with on back
  • linux, android, firefox, gimp, libreoffice / openoffice

Bill will contact Pat for help w/Logo

  • combine binary (ones and zeros) and the concept of freedom
  • ethan will facilitate the contact

SOS needs someone to throw together a facebook page

Others Ideas

  • auction off donated computers running FOSS
  • “open source hardware” focus every other meeting
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Software Freedom Day

Did you know that there is an International Software Freedom day (the 3rd Saturday of September; this year it’s Sept 15)?  We didn’t, until very recently.  We would love to organize public demonstrations of free software for this day, but might not have the capacity this year.

At the very least, we can be there in spirit by pointing people toward resources explaining the importance of free, open-source software (FOSS), including our favorite FOSS applications!

  1. Free Software Foundation — the advocates and activists of FOSS
  2. GNU‘s Not Unix — a major organizing force behind many of the free software resources available to us today
  3. Electronic Frontier Foundation — defenders of our privacy, security and access rights in the digital world
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081612 notes

Hi folks,

Don and I met today, and this website is the results of our conversation.   Since we didn’t have a full group, much of our agenda will carry over to next meeting.  Here’s where we’re at:

  1. John (Razor) resigned from the chair position yesterday, so that’s now vacant and needs to be filled
  2. Software Freedom Day is coming up:  Sept. 15!  I propose that we set up a card table with a couple of laptops running a couple different GNU/Linux distros somewhere in downtown Salem.  The organization will give us free handouts if we register with them.  Thoughts?
  3. Instead of going with a self-hosted WordPress.org site at salemos.org, Don and I thought it would be more prudent to use a free WordPress.com blog to start until we reach critical mass.
  4. We need to recruit — can anyone create a flyer for us that we can post around town?  Where should we post them?
  5. Can someone create a Facebook page?  Or if we want to practice what we preach, a Diaspora* page? 😛


Ethan Young, Secretary

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081612 agenda

Monthly, 3rd Thursdays
6pm – 7:30pm at Ike Box until further notice. ClockWorks cafe is a backup if Ike Box is unavailable.

  1. Chair (or other officer) convenes meeting
    1. State mission of the group
    2. Review officer roles
      1. Chair reserves meeting venues and makes other logistical arrangements, puts together draft agendas (based on template and group input), facilitates meetings, ensures completion of other group responsibilities
      2. Secretary manages group records (membership list); takes meeting minutes and posts to mailing list and website
      3. Treasurer manages group assets ($$membership$$ and websites), including financial records; receipt and disbursement of group funds
    3. Take attendance and confirm quorum
    4. Review and approve last meeting’s minutes
  2. Membership process (if non-members present)
  3. Introductions (if new people present)
  4. Upcoming events related to SOS or FOSS more generally
    1. Software Freedom Day(John R)
      1. 3rd Saturday of September
      2. opportunity to promote FOSS
  5. Prior business
    1. UPDATE:  outstanding tasks from John R and Ethan’s mtg
      1. Install wordpress.org on website OR skip hosting and use wordpress
      2. setup site structure (pending proposal)
      3. setup Officers as content and apps managers:  Ethan, John, Don
      4. Populate website w/calendar, past agendas/notes, group info, contact
      5. script automatic website backup
    2. Tabled items
      1. DISCUSSION: “activities to support and promote FOSS
      2. Logo discussion (check out Software Freedom Day’s logo)
      3. PO Box for group: $10-15/mo
      4. (IF TIME) PRESENTATION (Ethan): LiveSafe project — A custom Gnu/Linux LiveOS for that helps DV Survivors safely use computer and internet resources
  6. New business:  presentation and proposals or discussions
    1. Draft Agenda Template (John R; Ethan)
    2. Announcement: Mailing list is live discussion@salemos.org
    3. Proposal: Website structure
    4. Proposal: Records spreadsheet template
    5. Proposal: (Ethan) collect membership dues after we have
      1. membership and financial records spreadsheet editable by officers; viewable by all
      2. a good estimate of our annual/monthly cost basis:  domain, hosting, PO Box, others?
  7. Next steps:
    1. next meeting
    2. task assignments

Minutes:  Items are labeled as PRESENTATION (information), PROPOSAL (for discussion and vote), DISCUSSION, DECISION, TABLED  (with reason why) or DROPPED (with reason why).

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072512 notes

Attending: Bill, Dick, Don, Ethan, John R; our founding meeting!

1. Decision:  confirm regular meeting time/location
Monthly, 3rd Thursdays
6pm – 7:30pm at Ike Box until further notice.  ClockWorks cafe is a backup if Ike Box is unavailable.
special ad-hoc meetings (work parties, celebrations, etc) at other locations
NEXT MEETING: Thursday, August 16

2. Discussion: define group officer roles
Chair — reserves meeting venues and makes other logistical arrangements, puts together draft agendas (based on template and group input), facilitates meetings, ensures completion of other group responsibilities
Secretary — manages group records (membership list); takes meeting minutes and posts to mailing list and website
Treasurer — manages group assets ($$membership$$ and websites), including financial records; receipt and disbursement of group funds

3. Discussion:  group membership, structure and process.
Membership: Members contribute to the group either by annual membership dues or officer roles.  Only paying members and officers may vote.  Prospective members are eligible for paid membership after attending one meeting to become familiar with the group.  Membership fee is a $10 annual dues plus optional donation, OR serving in an officer role
Officers serve for one year.  Members are eligible for available officer roles after attending three group meetings.  Members may may serve as officers for consecutive years if re-elected.  Members are exempt from membership fees while serving as officers. Members’ first year of regular membership after at one full year of service as officer is free.  Members may not build credit beyond one year of free standard membership.
Expenditures:  Group votes once on disbursement of annual recurring expenditures.  Additional, ad-hoc expenditures (materials, facilities, equipment, etc) require group vote before disbursement.  All officers must be signateurs on group bank account.
Voting:  Meetings much acheive quorum for group to vote on business.  Quorum is a majority of eligible voting members, including *all* officers.  Members may email or post vote on website ahead of meeting if unable to attend.
Agendas:  Chair constructs meeting agendas based on an agenda template, including unfinished items from previous meetings and additional member input.  Members must email agenda items to Chair or post them to draft meeting agenda on website ahead of meeting.  Discussion of item occurs at first meeting, voting occurs at second meeting.  Group may discuss and vote on matters deemed urgent or time-sensitive in ad-hoc meetings only if meeting acheives quorum.  Group may vote to table an agenda item for next meeting.
DECISION: unanimous approval of group bylaw proposal.

Decision: choose group roles. Don volunteered for Treasurer.  Ethan volunteered for Secretary.  John R volunteered for Chair.
All officer roles received unanimous approval.

4. group identity
DISCUSSION: Salem LUG (SLUG) vs Salem Open Source (SOS)
All group disapproved of SLUG.  Reasons:  too narrow of a focus, too exclusive, “slug” acronym undesirable.  Proposed additional alternatives:  Greater Oregon Open Source (GOOS), SORS acronym.
Group discussed domain names while discussing group name. SalOrOS.org was proposed.  SalemOS.org and salemopensource.org are both available.   Group discussed prospect of acquiring both names and redirecting one to the other.
DECISION: Group decided unanimously to approve name “Salem Open Source” and acquire SalemOS.org domain only, to keep things simple and easy to communicate.

DISCUSSION: Group reviewed Ethan’s proposed mission
Salem Open Source serves Greater Salem through activities that support and promote free, open-source software (FOSS).
DECISION: Group unanimously approved mission.

TABLED:  “activities to support and promote FOSS” brainstorm and discussion TABLED for next meeting by unanimous approval.
TABLED:  Logo discussion.  PO Box for group.

5. GSTEP relationship to group
PROPOSAL: GSTEP can host group mailing list on its domain until the group wants to manage its own assets and infrastructure
DISCUSSION: Ethan suggested this proposal is now irrelevant based on previous group decisions.
DECISION: unaninmous approval to drop proposal.

6. (IF TIME) PROPOSAL (Ethan): LiveSafe project — A custom Gnu/Linux LiveOS for that helps DV Survivors safely use computer and internet resources
Proposal TABLED due to time constraints.

7. Next steps:
Upcoming events: Software Freedom Day, 3rd Saturday of September is an opportunity to promote FOSS (John R).  TABLED for agenda item at next meeting.
Ethan will type and email meeting notes by weekend.
Ethan, John R and possibly Don will meet Monday evening (7/30)
Acquire SalemOS.org domain
setup mailing lists: setup membership discussion list and public announcements list
Install wordpress.org on website
Install Google Apps on website
setup email addresses, event calendar, mailing list
setup Officers as content and apps managers
Create draft agenda template for group approval (see below)
Brainstorm website structure proposal
Q: can google apps help integrate and streamline group infrastructure management (calendar, email, mailing lists?
Create membership and financial records management spreadsheet, viewable by all, editable by Officers
John will create next meeting agenda from template, notes and any other group member proposals
John will confirm meeting space with Ike Box or Clockworks

NOTE: Excepting the mission, everything else below is a proposal for group consideration at the next meeting.

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